Nuvie Skin care Serum Review

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Nuvie Skin care Serum Review - How To Get A Wrinkle Free, Radiant Skin

After having made my cosmetics myself for 16 years, I was defiant about using anti aging products. But when my own handmade solutions didn’t work, I finally tried Nuvie Skin Care. Today, I am sharing my experience of this lovely product that has given me my youthful skin back.

What Is It?

It is an anti aging product made using the finest of wrinkle reducing ingredients like Vitamins A, C, E, and Ceramide-2 etc. It states that with its regular application, you can gain a healthy and smoothing feeling skin and revive the skin cells. It claims to be suitable for sorts of skin types and free of any harmful complication. 


NuVie Skin Care Ingredients

  1. Matrixyl 3000
  2. Coenzyme Q10
  3. Ceramide-2
  4. Beta Glucan
  5. Vitamins A, C, E
  6. Alpha Lipoic Acid

How Does NuVie Skin Care Work?

  1. It blocks any dryness of the skin and keeps it hydrated
  2. It also prevents decline of collagen and boosts natural revitalization of the skin cells
  3. It further smoothes the skin and helps fading of the wrinkles

What Should You Expect?

To see potential results, use it for a minimum period of 3-7 weeks.

Why Do I Recommend It?

I am a natural person and hate applying makeup. I even made my herbal and natural products at home because I had education in natural cosmetics background. But when I turned 40, my normal butter based moisturizers and other products didn’t work. Well, to ward off natural decline in elastic, I needed something stronger…so I changed my diet but there weren’t strong results…So, I finally resorted to this. I have been applying it morning and evening every day since last 6 weeks and I have had positive consequences. My smile wrinkles are almost gone and fine lines have declined greatly.

How To Use?

After your cleansing routine, pat your face dry and take little bit of the product. Apply it evenly on the skin and don’t massage it too harshly. Let your skin take it in properly and that’s it.

Can It Be Used With Makeup?

Yes, it can be used with makeup. Make sure that it is first thing you apply to your face after cleansing. Avoid using moisturizer over it as it will make your face greasy.

Which Skin Type Is It Manufactured For?

The official website states that it is useful for all skin types.

Where To Buy?

To place your order for NuVie Skin Care, go to its official website and fill up the online order form.